Best amusement parks in Europe

European theme parks offer everything a visitor needs – entertainment, adventure, and experiences with the whole family. Here are the best among them.

Disneyland ParisDisneyland Resort in Paris is the most famous fun park on the Old Continent. It was opened in 1992 and consists of several areas: two theme parks, entertainment area and restaurants and seven hotels. The park is located “tower of terror” (199 feet high) and gloomy area – attractions-style Hollywood Hotel Tower, struck by lightning on October 31, 1939

Siam ParkSiam Park in Tenerife (Spain). The theme of this park is Thailand. It is open to visitors in September 2008 and offers various water attractions, such as “Tower of Power”, which has 280 steps. “Palace of the Waves did a pool with white sandy beach. Trimetrovi artificial waves rush from all sides. There are attractions for children such as “Lost City” – construction of 120 games.

Walibi BelgiumThe Belgium Walibi is a theme park, located in the city Vavra. It has many attractions to the bone-chilling names: “Turbine”, “Hall of destructions” Cobra “,” Vampire “,” Goblin “or” Terror of Dalton “- offering a free fall from a height of 77 meters.

EuropaparkEuropa Park, Germany. It is located in Rust, in the southwestern part of the country. Talisman of the park is a large gray mouse named Evromaus, so it is not surprising that most attractions podseshtavaniyat it is called “Wild Mouse”. The theme of the park are the European countries. In Europa Park has four hotels and guest house.

LegoLand Denmark

Legoland in Denmark is paradise for lovers of LEGO-it. Topics in the park are based on historical events, so that it can be seen in “The Pirates of the Lagoon with the sea, waterfalls and pirate battles. On the playground “pirate waterfalls’ children may feel as pirates and ship captains.

Wiener Prater WienAmusement park “Prater” in Wien, Austria is located at the wide area along the coast of the Danube. For many years this territory was owned by the imperial family. During the reign of Ferdinand I, in 1537, was made 4.5 kilometers long. main promenade, which traverses the entire park. In 1766 Emperor Joseph II opened the alley to the people of Vienna. More in XVIII century in this place have organized concerts and parades. A small part of the park is occupied by Prater Vurstel / comedy Prater /. Once at this location are magicians and comedians show their tricks and skills. The biggest attraction of the Prater is a huge Ferris wheel that rotates the first time in 1897 here is the oldest electric train in history, passing through a cave – Grottenbahn. It was built in 1898 In March 2005 the territory of the Prater is situated in the biggest and most modern casino betting thematically across Europe. “Casino Admiral Prater is formed in the Egyptian style since the time of the pharaohs and offers customers a variety of opportunities for play and fun on two levels. The first is called “Blue Planet” and return visitors to the distant world of dinosaurs. The second – “The path of adventure” is organizing a special tour where visitors can behind the scenes insight of the oldest entertainment park in Europe.